Peter and Catherine Starrs (aka Starr, Star, Stars) Family,
Immigrants to South Australia in 1840

This information comes from The House of Starrs, Case, Cunningham by Aileen Murray of Western Australia, with some additions from, Genealogical Society of SA databases, TROVE, Find a Grave online, Wiki Tree, and MyHeritage. Information will be added as it becomes available.

Text is in blue or black, quotes and references to other sources is in purple.

Peter STARR b.c. 1802 in County Tyrone, Ireland, d. 18-2-1879 aged 77 at One Tree Hill near Gawler, SA of bronchitis and pneumonia.
Catherine b.c. 1791, married Peter in about 1820 d. 5-12-1864 aged 73 yrs at South Para, both buried Willaston Cemetery.
Peter Starr, agricultural labourer, wife and 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy, emigrated aboard the 3 masted barque Dauntless on 17-2-1840 from Greenock, Scotland, arriving in Adelaide on 10-7-1840 with Captain William Miller and 90 passengers

  • The family appeared in the South Australian census of 1841 in Little Para district, South Australia, Page 171 as: Stars Peter Under 50, Catherine under 50, Jane under 21, Ann under 14, Francis under 14, Catherine under 14, Ellen under 7
  • On 12 November 1861 Peter Starr was charged with the murder of William Simpson Lawless, otherwise known as William Simpson Macgregor, a 24 year old man who worked for him. He was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 9 years penal servitude, but was released after 3 years. The description given of him in the prison register is not very flattering. At age 60 he was 5 ft 2 inches, weighed 8 stone 5 pounds and had grey eyes, hair and whiskers. His long face was sallow in complexion with a narrow forehead, his nose was large, mouth awry with only 4 teeth left in his lower jaw. His chin was mercifully ordinary but his expression dull! The newspapers repeatedly referred to him as an old man although many relatives lived well into their 80s.
  • In South Australian Almanac and Directories 1864 & 1868 he is listed as Peter Starr, Farmer, sec 298, Thornton Park and Wm Starr is also at sec 298.
  • On 15 June 1872 he was mentioned in "The South Australian Advertiser" as a participating member at a meeting of the Virginia Agricultural Society, held in the Virginia Hotel in the evening of June 11th.

Not sure whether it is the fault of the Starrs or others, but the spelling of the family name varies from Star, Stars, Starr to Starrs. Since Peter Starr was convicted of manslaughter, this may have been deliberate, but it is very confusing when looking up records. It seems he may have been illiterate from the prison description.
The surname of Anne Starr's husband varies from Timmons, Timmens,Timons to Timens. Jane Starr, the first daughter is listed as Ann Starr being married to Emanuel Case in a number of documents on


Three of the McEvoy boys, 1.3 William Andrew McEvoy, 1.4 Dennis Matthew McEvoy and 1.5 Joseph Michael McEvoy, married 3 Case daughters, Catherine Lucy Case (Mahony), Ellen Jane Case and Eliza Ann Case, who were the children of Emanual and Jane Case (nee Starr/s).
1.1.1 Mary Jane Quinn, daughter of 1.1 Catherine McEvoy, their sister, married a Case, Emanuel William (jumior), known as William Case, while 1.1.7 Patrick Dennis Quinn, Catherine's 7th child, married another Ellen Jane Case, daughter of Peter James Case and and Margaret Cunningham.

Emanual Case migrated to SA in 1838 aboard the Canton, 2 years earlier than the McEvoys and Carsons. Emanual Case was born around 13-11-1815, the son of John and Hester Case. They lived in Corscombe, Dorset, England. There was one other son, Nathaniel who died on 15-1-1829 aged 14 years. In the 1841 census of South Australia Emanuel was listed as living in district B south of Adelaide. He married Jane Star/r/s on 6-11-1844, in a ceremony officiated by Father Michael Ryan who had arrived in South Australia just that day. Emanual Case died 1-8-1898 at Coonatto, SA, aged 82 years and is buried at Hammond.

Jane Starr was the daughter of Peter and Catherine Starr of Little Para who arrived aboard the Dauntless on 10-7-1840 with 5 children, 4 daughters and one son- Jane Starr, Ann Starr, Catherine Starr, Francis Starr and Ellen Starr, sailing from Greenock, Scotland. Jane was born 1821-1823 at Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland. She died at her residence 'Coonatoo', SA on 25-5-1893 and is also believed to be buried at Hammond.

It is probably about time (Oct 2019) a piece of family history, completely unknown to me and to all the family I know until about 5 years ago, was revealed. This is relevant to all the descendants of 1.3 William Andrew McEvoy, 1.4 Dennis McEvoy and 1.5 Joseph Michael McEvoy. It came to light during TROVE searches for information on the Starr family. GGG grandfather Peter Starr, father of Jane Starr who married Emanual Case and had 3 daughters who married 3 McEvoy sons, was the Peter Starr aged 60 who killed his 24 year old servant, William Simpson Lawless aka William Simpson McGregor with a rusty bayonet in a drunken fight at the Starr home on 12th November, 1861. There were several Peter Starrs around at the time and the spelling of the family surname was always inconsistent, but location of the crime and witness names prove it to be our relative. Peter Starr was released from prison after only 3 years at the request of the governor, but apparently this was quite common if families drew up petitions and were without the breadwinner. Not all of our ancestors were as respectable or as good as we may like to think, though the family seems to have been keen church goers.


1. Jane STARR

b. 1821-1823 Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland d. 25-5-1893 age 62 (more likely 70 yrs) at Pinda, SA on 6-11-1844 at the Catholic Church in Adelaide married Emanuel CASE b. 13-11-1815 Corscombe, Dorset, England, immigrated 2-5-1838 to Port Adelaide, South Australia aboard Canton from London, d. 1-8-1898 at Coonatto SA, aged 82 yrs
They had 11 children, 5 girls and 6 boys:

1J) Esther Mary CASE b. 6-9-1846 at Little Para d. c.1922, 76 yrs, at Orroroo m. on 24-10-1875 at St Patrick's, Caltowie, SA, Thomas William Snell b. 9-3-1850. He was 25 yrs and she was 28 yrs.

2J)*Catherine Lucy CASE b. 6-5-1849 d. 6-6-1934 aged 85 yrs at Clare, SA m. 1) John Mahoney b.c. 1869, at St Peter & Paul's Church, Gawler, 1 son John Mahoney b,c 1869. m. 2) 1.3 William Andrew McEVOY. 8 children: William Francis McEvoy born 7-9-1876 died 19-5-1968, Bernard Patrick McEvoy born 11-2-1879 died 27-4-1966, Arthur McEvoy born 20-1-1881 died 24-1-1881, Mary Ellen McEvoy (McMahon) born 19-5-1882 died 15-6-1954 Arthur Thomas McEvoy born 11-3-1884 died 27-7-1972, Catherine Agnes McEvoy (Walsh) born 13-1-1886 died 7-10-1968, Anastasia Grace McEvoy born 24-4-1888 died 16-1-1967, Martin Dennis McEvoy born 6-1-1891 died 28-6-1960.

3J) John Martin CASE b. 1851 d.1915 m. Mary Agnes Jordan b.c.1854 d. 27-11-1940, at St Rose of Lima Church, Kapunda on 4-2-1875, 5 children: Patrick Michael Case b.c.1868 d.15-6-1890 at Broken Hill, Rose Ann Case b. 25-8-1877 Redhill, Eliza Case b.c.1882 d. 21-9-1959 m. E. Hartnett, William Case b.c. 1884 d. 5-10-1935 at N. Adelaide, John Case

4J) Francis Michael CASE bapt 15-8-1852 at South Para d.21-9-1917 aged 65 yrs burial West Tce, m. Mary Ellen Silverthorn b.16-1-1860 d.11-11-1945 aged 85 yrs on 10-2-1880 at St James Church, Jamestown, children: Irene Case b.c.1909 d 1991 m.Harold Martlew b.1898 d. 4-10-1970 at Methodist Manse, Port Augusta

5J) Isaac Phillip CASE b. 23-9-1854 at Cockatoo Valley near Gawler d. 28-7-1930 of Everton aged 76 yrs buried West Tce, late of Jamestown, married Naomi Silverthorn b.2-7-1861 d.8-4-1901 buried Morchard Cemetery, SA, 9 children: Arthur Laurence Case b.6-8-1882 d.7-10-1964, Leonard Francis Case b. 20-4-1884 Went to W Australia and later to NSW, Herbert Seth Case b. 20-3-1886 d. 25-4-1949, William James Case b. 5-9-1890 d. 1948, Gertrude Case b. 1891 d. 17-5-1917, Elsie Johanna Case b. 2-1-1891 d. 1962?, Lewis John Case b.22-6-1895 d. 27-5-1970, Clarence Anthony Case b.12-1-1898 d. 21-6-1976, Clement Isaac Case b.8-1-1900 d. 3-3-1927

6J)*Eliza Ann Bridget CASE b.4-6-1857 at Gawler d. 4-6-1919 aged 61 yrs m. 1.5 Joseph Michael McEvoy at Hammond, 8 children: Frederick McEvoy, Rose Ellen McEvoy, Alexander McEvoy, Anne Laura McEvoy, Jessie Florence McEvoy, Edwin Robert McEvoy, Amelia Agnes McEvoy, Charles Joseph McEvoy

7J) Peter James CASE b. 2-12-1859 at Gawler Hiils d. 27-8-1943 aged 83 yrs m. Margaret Louisa Cunningham b. 12-6-1867 d. 22-9-1950 of Pinda on 11-6-1888 at St Dominic's Church, Willochra. Children: Ellen Case b. 9-4-1889 d. 9-6-1963 m. Patrick Dennis Quinn, Mary Agnes Case b.21-5-1890 d. 8-11-1968 m. James M. Burke, Raeburn James Case b. 15-3-1892 d. 19-11-1977 m. Bright, Francis Patrick Case b. 15-3-1895 d. 9-8-1986, Walter Peter Case b. 9-5-1899 m. Cormack, Margaret Louisa Case b. 5-12-1903 d. 14-3-1981 m. Angus Atkinson, Evelyn May Case b. 13-5-1906 d. 21-7-1988 m. Andrew Dempsey , Maurice Joseph Case b. 3-11-1908 d.6-11-1986

8J)*Ellen Jane CASE b. 23-2-1864 d. 18-7-1934 aged 70 yrs m. 1.4 Dennis McEVOY at St Raphael Church, Carrieton on 6-1-1884, 8 children: Ellen Edith McEvoy born 28-12-1884 died 20-1-1885, Herbert Denis McEvoy born 25-3-1886 died 9-5-1938, Olive Cecilia McEvoy born 12-1-1888 died 7-7-1969, Madeline Rose McEvoy born 16-1-1891 died 9-1-1952, Raphael James McEvoy born 19-11-1892 died 21-3-1972, Laura Jane McEvoy born 26-3-1895 died 17-7-1964, V incent Anthony McEvoy born 30-8-1897 died 20-8-1963, Kathleen Philomena McEvoy born 22-6-1901 died 4-8-1969

9J) Emmanuel William CASE b. 1-12-1864 d. 6-6-1942 aged 77 yrs at Yorketown m. 1.1.1 Mary Jane Quinn (daughter of 1.1 Catherine McEvoy Quinn) on 31-1-1894 at St Raphael's Church, Carrieton, 8 children: Edith Mary Case b. 24-11-1894 d. 14-7-1974 m. James Hoffman, George Thomas Case b. 20-11-1895 d.5-10-1985 m. Perry, Alice Catherine Case b. 4-5-1897 d.9-8-1957 m. Michael Murphy, Felix Case b. 23-10-1898 d.5-10-1985 m. Campbell, Frances Lucy Case b. 1899 m. Norman Belling, Ruth Case b. 20-7-1901 d. 23-9-1989 became a nun, Otto Case b. 10-9-1902 d. 6-4-1903, John Howard Case b.c. 1913 d. 2-10-1972 m. Strawhan

10J) Mary Theresa CASE b.8-8-1868 at Gawler d. 17-8-1942 aged 74 in Adelaide m. John William Cunningham at Carrieton on 10-1-1891. 3 Children: Leo Patrick Cunningham b. 28-4-1891 d. 26-8-1966 m. Logan, John William Cunningham b. 2-7-1897 d. 1-5-1953 , Cecil Joseph Cunningham b. 30-3-1900 d. 30-9-1980 m. Roehrich

11J) Arthur Phillip CASE b. 16-8-1872 at Gawler d. 16-2-1949 at Blyth aged 77 yrs m. Olive Ruby May Ellis b. 3-7-1890 d. 5-4-1980 on 6-11-1911 at St Raphael Church, Carrieton. 12 Children: Ethel Thelma Case b. 25-8-1912 d. 15-4-1928, Leo Francis Case b.13-7-1913, Howard Phillip Case b. 4-8-1914 d. 22-3-1981, Frederick Raphael Case b. 8-8-1915 d. 6-6-1994, Elsie Agnes Case b. 16-8-1917 d. 30-7-1978, Mary Maude Case b. 9-11-1918, Florence Esther Case b. 4-4-1920, Alexander Arthur Case b. 2-5-1922, Eric Matthew Case b. 7-1-1924 d. 13-11-1982, Cleve Leonard Case b. 30-3-1925 d. 1-3-1962, Doris Maragaret Case b. 15-7-1926, Jessie Olive Case b. 2-11-1927 d. 12-4-1928

  • CASE: On the 25th May, (1893) Jane, the beloved wife of Emanuel Case, of Coonatto, aged 63 years, leaving a husband, six sons, five daughters, and thirty-five grandchildren to mourn their loss. Arrived in the ship Dauntless in the year 1840. R.I.P.
    South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), Friday 2 June 1893, page 4
  • CASE.On the 1st August, (1892) at Coonatto, Emanuel Case, late of Gawler and Broughton Extension, aged 83 years. A colonist of 58 years. R.I.P.
    Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912), Wednesday 10 August 1898, page 2

2. Anne Agnes STARR

b.c.1825 m. Michael TIMENS (aka Timmens, Timmons, Timins) b.c. 1819 d. 12-9-1873, in Adelaide on 19-2-1847, 8 children:

1A) Thomas TIMENS b. 11-3-1850 at Gawler m. Frances Mary Bokelman 22-1-1874 at St Patrick's, Adelaide. He was a farmer at Greenock in 1874 and 1880.

2A) Francis TIMENS b. 3-4-1852 at Greenock, farmer, Greenock, 1880 electoral roll m. Margaret McGann on 12-2-1876 at St Rose, Kapunda

3A) Peter TIMENS b. 11-3-1854 at Greenock

4A) Ellen Jane TIMENS b.24-11-1855 at Greenock, buried St John's Kapunda Cemetery

5A) John TIMENS b. 29-10-1857 d. 3-4-1864 , Greenock, Kapunda cemetery

6A) Catherine TIMENS b. 22-11-1859, d. 30-3-1864 Greenock, Kapunda cemetery

7A) John Alexander TIMENS b. 9-4-1864, Greenock Kapunda Cemetery.

8A) Jane TIMENS b. 13-1-1870 at Greenock d. 31-1-1872, Greenock, Kapunds Cemetery

  • Michael Timmons is listed as Michael Timmins in SA Directory for 1867-1868 as a farmer near Greenock Creek. He died 12-9-1873 at Greenock aged 54 yrs.
  • "TIMENS.-On the 12th September (1873) at his residence, Greenock, Mr. M. Timens, aged 54 years, an old colonist of 33 years. R.I.P. His death will be greatly regretted by many." SA Advertiser, 25th Oct, 1873 p2. His gravestone at Kapunda cemetery reads "In your charity Pray for the soul of Michael Timens late of County Clare, Ireland, who departed this life at Greenock Sept 12th 1873 aged 54 years. A most obliging and hospitable colonist of 34 years. Requiescat in Pace. ALSO John, Ellen, John, Catharine and Jane beloved children of the above who all died between 2 and 9 years. Side by side they await the great day of resurrection. to the memory of her beloved husband and children by A.A. Timens."
  • Ann Agnes Timens, widow, of Walloway near Orroroo listed as insolvent Evening Journal 9-4-1880

3. Catherine Teresa STARR

b.1831 possibly twin of Francis Paul, in Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland. d. 23-9-1877 aged 45-46 yrs at Gawler, burial Willaston general cemetery, location unknown, married Eli Holmes on 17-1-1853 at South Para. Born 18-8-1821 in Staffordshire, England he died 19-8-1864 aged 43 at Willaston and is buried in the Gawler Pioneer Park, named on the metal plaque. Eli was not a Catholic like so many of the family.
  • Gawler : Monday. February 2. Before Mr. Henry D. Murray. Special Magistrate. Assault.- Eli Holmes, of Willaston, was charged with assaulting and beating his wife, Catherine Holmes, on the 11th January, and various times previously. Catherine Holmes deposed that she was the wife of the defendant. On the 11th January he was tipsy at day light. He enquired about her taking away his money and purchasing land with it. She refused to confess that she had done so. He then took her by the hair, and struck her on the body and violently on the ear, which made her deaf for several days. She was in the family- way at the time. Towards evening she felt ill, and suffered a miscarriage. Defendant was intoxicated at the time he assaulted her. He was in the habit of taking spirits to bed with him. He had locked the door upon her on several occasions. He threw half a brick at her on the 11th January, and attacked her with a paling on the following day. Her parents came that evening, and she was taken away with them. Her father called in Dr. Lewis before she left Willaston. Peter Stars, father of complainant, deposed to having seen her in a very weak state on the day in question. William H. Lewis deposed that he was a legally authorised medical practitioner. Saw complainant on 12th January. She was in a weak state ; ill-treatment might have caused it. She said she had recently had a premature confinement. He could not say if such were really the case. Saw no indications of it. Saw no marks of blows. The defendant called no witnesses. He was fined £2 and costs.
    Husband and Wife - Eli Holmes was then charged with refusing to maintain his wife. Complainant deposed that on the 13th January she was ill, and defendant consented to her going to her father's. She remained there about a fortnight. When she returned she found the home occupied by another party. In his fits of intemperance he had told her to leave his home. When she left on the 12th she did not take away all her clothes. She did not consider her life would be safe if she returned to him. Cross-examined - She had been married four years. Her brother brought her back to her father's house. Was told that defendaut was at his sister's. Went there and was told he was out on the farm about two miles. Did not go there. Saw him in Murray-street in the evening, and asked for her clothes. The defendant stated he was prepared to receive and support her. He was ordered to give security to keep the peace towards his wife for twelve months, himself in £100 and two sureties in £50 each.
    South Australian Register, Wednesday 4 February 1857, page 3
  • DEATHS. HOLMES. - On the 23rd September, 1877, at Gawler, after a long and painful illness, Catherine Teresa, relict of the late Eli Holmes, aged 42 years. May she rest in peace.
    Bunyip, Friday 5 October 1877, page 2

4. Francis Paul STARRS

b. 1832 in Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland d. 9-9-1909 at Wokurna, SA, aged 77 yrs, burial Pt. Broughton, m. Catherine Ellen BRADY d. 4-9-1922 burial Pt Broughton cemetery, on 9-8-1855 at St Patrick's Catholic Church, West Tce, Adelaide. They had 13 children in all.
The 1905 photo below right is from the SA State Library and believed to be of Francis Paul STARRS and his wife Catherine Ellen Brady STARRS although it is labelled being of Peter J STARRS, poet, and his wife.

1F) Peter Joseph STARRS b.4-9-1858 d.1-12-1926 at Port Adelaide aged 70 yrs, burial West Tce, m. Adelaide Frances (Dell) Maple, b. 16-8-1872 d. 7-10-1951 aged 79, burial West Tce, schoolteacher of Peterborough on 13-6-1910 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Kadina. Children: 3 boys and one girl, Joseph Patrick Starrs b. 19-8-1914 Normanville and Benedict Michael Starrs b. 5-9-1916 at Normanville both served in WW2. The other 2 children were Francis Starrs and Mary Starrs.
Strangely enough the marriage announcement seems to have occurred only in West Australian papers where Peter Starr engaged in mining. Did he catch her or did she catch him? See below.

  • MARRIAGE: Starrs to Maple. On 13th June, Kadina, S.A., by the Rev. Father Hourigan. (Caught after a long and patient innings). Peter Joseph, eldest son of the late Mr Francis Paul Starrs, Wokurna, SA to Adelaide Frances (Dell), youngest daughter of Mr James Maple, Normanville, S.A.
    Kookynie Press (WA : 1903 - 1911), Wednesday 20 July 1910, page 4; Morgans Courier, WA; The North Coolgardie Herald WA
  • STARRS: On December 1, 1926, at 47 Esplanade, Henley Beach, Peter Joseph, the beloved husband of Dell, affectionate father of Francis, Mary, Joseph, and Benedict, and loving brother of Rosie, Manie, Laura, and Leo. R.I.P. Sacred Heart of Jesus, grant him eternal rest.
    Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954), Friday 10 December 1926, page 10
    It is with deep regret that we have to record the death on Wednesday, 1st inst, at his residence, Henley Beach, of Mr. Peter Joseph Starrs, who was well known to readers of "The Southern Cross" as a clever writer of verse under the pen name of "Jo Murna." He was also known as a zealous Catholic and a man who led an exemplary life to the clergy and others with whom he had been associated during the past 20 years at Normanville and Henley Beach.
    Mr. Starrs was born 70 years ago at Virginia and received his early education at the Gawler Convent, afterwards studying under Mr. O'Brien. After attaining manhood he was engaged in agricultural pursuits at Mundoora and Wokurna. He was also prospecting at Teetulpa in the 80's. In "The Southern Cross" of December 11, 1925, Mr. Starrs, in a personal reminiscence of the late Senator J. V O'Loghlin, recalled meeting the Senator at Teetulpa in 1886, when he was connected with the "Terowie Enterprise." Mr. Starrs was one of the first subscribers to "The Southern Cross" when it was established by Mr. O'Loghlin. and he was its correspondent at Normanville and Henley Beach for many years.
    After leaving Wokurna Mr. Starrs went prospecting to Western Australia, first for a mining svndicate and afterwards on his own account. There he was followed by the persistent ill luck in worldly affairs which pursued him during life. He had discovered and pegged out a mine, which afterwards proved highly remunerative, when he was seized with appendicitis and had to go into hospital for an operation. On coming out some weeks after he found that he had lost the claim, which had been jumped during his illness.
    Mr. Starrs afterwards returned to S.A., where he married Miss Maple, of Peterborough, who was well known as a school teacher, and settled on the land at Normanville. Some years ago he sold out and came to Henley Beach in order to have better facilities for the education of his children. For the last few years he has had a hard struggle with ill-health and other difficulties, but he faced his troubles bravely and faithfully attended to his religious duties. He said the Rosary in his house every night with his family, and attended Mass on Friday and other week mornings whenever possible. He made the recent four days' mission at Henley Beach, of which he contributed a report to "The Southern Cross" of November 26. He gained the jubilee mission on behalf of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and died at the close of the month devoted to them quietly in his sleep on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. He had been attended by Frs Forrest and Reynolds, M.S.C. and the remains were interred at West Terrace Cemetery on Thursday, 2nd inst.
    Mr. Starrs had for most of his life time "meditated the thankless Muse," and his poetic powers were considerable. He had a great command over all kinds of metres and a facility in rhyming unusual words. He indulged largely in double and triple rhymes, in alliteration, and other embellishments distinctive of Celtic poets, who derive them from the old Gaelic bards. In the Christmas Number of "The Southern Cross" of December 11, 1925, appeared a remarkable instance of Mr. Starrs' powers of alliteration and rhyming entitled "Alliteration," dealing with the sea and its various moods. (see part of the poem left) It was only on the Monday evening prior to his death that Mr. Starrs completed for the Christmas Number of "The Southern Cross" a series of aphorisms in verse which he entitled "Pickled Points," and which we hope to publish next week, Mr. Starrs leaves a widow and four children, the eldest of whom is 15 years old, to mourn their loss. Mrs. Starrs resumed teaching some months ago, and is at present employed in the Woodville School.
    From the altar at Henley Beach on Sunday Father Forrest referred to Mr. Starrs' death. He said he would be missed in the church, as he was an ideal Catholic; always present at Holy Mass, not only on Sundays, but on week days. He had never once missed Mass and never retired to bed without reciting the Rosary. He was a man who would give his life blood for his faith and had great humility in all his dealings. He wus sure that the congregation would join with him in offering sincere sympathy to Mrs. Starrs and family and would also remember him in their prayers. R.I. P.
    Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954), Friday 10 December 1926, page 9
2F) Rosanna STARRS b. 27-6-1858 at S Para, SA

3F) William Frederick STARRS 11-3-1860 d. 3-1-1861

4F) Catherine Dorothy STARRS b.25-5-1863 at Munno Para East d.17-6-1914 at Broken Hill burial Broken Hill, m. 22-8-1897 William Mildren of Keilli (near Mundoora, SA), son of Jacob Mildren.

5F) Mary Ellen STARRS b. 25-5-1863 d.11-5-1864 Adelaide

6F) Laura Bridget STARRS b. 11-10-1864 at Springfield near Gawler d. 1-5-1952 burial West Tce Cemetery m. Thomas Fitzgerald at St Saviours Church, Hindmarsh. She was 60 and he was 66. Shown living at 55 Cuming St, Mile End in 1939 to 1943 with husband Thomas, an engineman.(electoral rolls)

7F) Mary Ellen STARRS b. 5-4-1867 at One Tree Hill d. 31-5-1937

8F) Monica Josephine STARRS b.4-2-1869 at One Tree Hill d. 29-1-1906 aged 34 yrs at N.Adelaide Private Hospital m. James George Murnane of Arthurton on 23-9-1902 at St Margaret's Port Broughton Catholic Church. Children: Mary Margaret Frances Murnane b. 20-6-1904 at Maitland, Gertrude Murnane b.12-11-1905 at Arthurton

8F) Teresa Jane STARRS b. Jan 1871 d. 31-5-1872 buried West Tce, Adelaide

9F) Agnes Jane STARRS b. 1879 d. 1929 m. Felix Simon of Gumbowie at Snowtown on 10-8-1909, 3 sons, Augustus Simon, Dermott Simon and Leo Simon, all in forces in WW2.
  • MRS. SIMON: Mrs. Agnes Jane Simon, wife of Mr. Felix Simon, of Gumbowie, who died recently, was the fourth daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Francis Starr, and was born near Mintaro in 1873. She became a schoolteacher, being given charge of the Wokurna school, near Bute, at an early age. Afterwards she was in charge of the Sunnybrae school for many years, being then transferred back to the Wokurna school. She resigned in 1909 to be married, and went to live with her husband on his farm adjoining the Gumbowie railway siding, remaining there till her death. She leaves a widower and three sons, Messrs. Augustus, Dermott, and Leo Simon.
  • A NOBLE CHARACTER. The late Mrs Agnes Jane Simon, wife of Felix Simon, of Gumbowie, was the fourth daughter of the late Francis and Katherine Starr and was born on the farm near Mintaro in 1879. She was a clever child and trained for teaching, being given the Wokurna School, near Bute, at an early age, and afterwards she was in charge of the Sunny brae school for many years, being then transferred back to the Wokurna from wbich she resigned in 1909 to be married, and came to live with her husband on his farm, adjoining the Gumbowie railway siding, remaining there till her death. Three sons (Augustus, Dermott and Leo) came to bless the happy union, and, with her husband, are left to mourn their sad loss. Deceased was of a happy and lovable nature and had a large circle of staunch friends in many parts of the State. She was an ideal wife and mother, gentle, pious and charitable and the district is the poorer for her demise. She had a very serious illness some years ago, and although she recovered and returned to her home apparently cured, she again became ill about 12 months ago and; gradully becoming worse, she went to the North Adelaide Sisters Hospital for special treatment in April last. All medical efforts failed, and she passed peacefully away, fortified by all the last rites of the Catholic Church.
    Times and Northern Advertiser, Peterborough, South Australia (SA : 1919 - 1950), Friday 21 June 1929, page 2
10F) Cecilia Grace STARRS b. 25-6-1876 d. 25-6-1876

11F) Francis Leo Phillip STARRS b. 1885 d. 19-3-1937 aged 52 yrs m. Gertrude Adelaide May, both buried Tailem Bend. Children Catherine Starrs, Mary Starrs, Laura Starrs and Francis Starrs.
  • OBITUARY Mr. L. F. Starrs
    Mr. Leo Francis Starrs, who died suddenly at Jervois recently, was born at Mundoora in 1879. His parents, the late Francis Paul Starrs and the late Catherine Ellen Starrs, settled in the Wokurna district at Dollings Corner in 1883. Mr. Starrs resided at Wokurna until 1910, when he went to Murrayville, in Victoria, to continue farming. He was an enthusiastic cricketer, and during his residence at Wokurna played for many years with the Barunga Braves Cricket Club. He also played with the tennis and foot ball teams at Wokurna. Mr. Starrs enlisted in 1916, and joined the 4th Machine Gun Corps. In 1915 he married Gertrude May McCormack, who survives. He left one son, Frank, and three daughters, Catherine, Laura and May.
    Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Thursday 20 May 1937, page 47
  • STARRS: On April 16. at her residence, 78 Rose street, Mile-End, Gertrude Adelaide May, beloved wife of the late Francis Leo Philip Starrs (late of Jervois) and loving mother of Catherine, Mary, and Laura (Mrs. Mason), also Francis (deceased). Aged 63 years. Re-quiescat in pace.
    News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Thursday 17 April 1947, page 7

6 girls and 2 boys grew to adulthood. All the girls were schoolteachers.
    A correspondent writes: An old and respected resident of Wokurna died on September 9, at Wokurna. Arriving in South Australia in 1840, Mr. Starrs was in his 70th year as a colonist. Of a retiring, unassuming manner, yet his love of romance, optimistic, and adven turous spirit was (with many others) evidenced by his "doing Bendigo " in its early days, and touring Gympie and other goldfields with varied success.
    His chief occupation, however, was farming (with a taste for a smart breed of horses) in various localities adjacent to, and north of, Adelaide. Leaving Virginia in 1872, he settled in the then popular agricultural areas at Mundoora, where he resided for ten years. The last 26 years of his life were spent in Wokurna, where he achieved fair success since the introduction of fertilisers, ending his years in comparative comfort. The chief characteristics of the deceased were optimism, a simple trust and frankness of manner, honesty, and an utter absence of objectionable cuteness in matters monetary. Possessed of a powerful imagination, he has been known to recount an original story impromptu, almost night after night, to rising generations for many years, interesting reminiscences of the early days of South Australia, &c. A great reader, he has entertained many by his varied stock of information. With a family of 13, to the seven who are living he was, as to his faithful wife, the light of their lives.
    Southern Cross , Friday 8 October 1909, page 10
  • IN MEMORIAM. STARRS. On the 9th September, 1909, Francis Paul Starrs, Wokurna; on the 4th September, 1922, Catherine Ella Starrs, Kadina, relict of the above. May they rest in peace.
    Southern Cross, Friday 7 September 1923, page 10
    The death of Mrs Catherine Ellen Starrs, relict of the late Mr Francis Paul Starrs, at the age of 84 years, which occurred on Monday last, removes an old and respected resident of Kadina. Mrs Starrs (nee Brady) was borne at Laffin, County Cavan, Ireland, in 1838 and came to South Australia two yeans later with her parents in the ship Diadem. The voyage took over nine months. A coincidence was that her future husband came to the colony in the same year, in the ship Dauntless. Mrs Starr's father (Mr Daniel Brady) built the Cross Keys hotel, and he also named the Cavan Arms and Virginia. She was married to Mr Starrs in 1855, and they lived for some years at One Tree Hill (near Gawler), Dry Creek, Mundoora and settled at last at Wokurna, whene Mr Starrs took up land. Mrs Starrs was a staunch Roman Catholic, and the centre of a large circle of friends, who highly appreciated her helpfulness, cheerful spirit, and pungent Irish wit. She will he greatly missed. There were 13 children, of whom six survive: Messrs P. J. (Henley Beach), F. L. (Mulcra, Vic.), Mrs W. Jones (Port Pirie), Mrs F. Simon (Gumbowie), and Misses M. and L. Starrs (Kadina). The funeral fook place on Tuesday , last, the remains being interred at Port Broughton near those of the husband. The Rev. Father Ryan officiated at the graveside, and the arrangements were carried out by Mr G. R. Haddy.
    Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), Monday 11 September 1922, page 8
  • A TYPICAL FAMILY of Catholic Pioneers from The Southern Cross newspaper, 15-9-1944

5. Ellen STARR

b. 1838 Glasgow, Scotland d. 3-10-1906 aged 69 yrs buried Wallaroo Cemetery
m. on 7-7-1858 Thomas McEWEN b. 1828 in County Clare, Ireland d. 12-2-1899 aged 70 yrs at Wallaroo, at Springfield near Gawler, 10 children:

1E) Catherine Jane McEwen b.c. 1859 d. 11-1-1939 age 79 at Terowie hospital m. Patrick DOOLEY d.2-6-1929 aged 67 at Prospect, burial West Tce, Adelaide, on 30-10-1897 at presbytery Goodwood both aged 37.
  • DOOLEY-MCEWEN On the 30th October, at Goodwood, by special licence, by the very Rev Dr Byrne, Patrick, only surviving son of the late P. Dooley, Goodwood, to Kate, eldest daughter of Thomas McEwen, Franklin Harbour.
    Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Tuesday 9 November 1897, page 6
    General regret was felt when it became known that Mrs. Catherine Dooley, late of Mannahill Hotel, had passed away. The deceased lady, prior to her mar riage to Mr. Patrick Dooley, was a successful and highly popular school teacher. She taught at Tarlee, Clinton, Tarcowie, and Cleve. She and her husband were well known for their kind hospitality when they kept the Leigh Creek Hotel, also the Marree, and later the Hammond Hotel. A few years previous to his death, Mr. Dooley rebuilt the Mannahill Hotel. Both the deceased lady and her husband were noted for their charitable benevolence to the needy and the distressed in the communities in which they lived. Although the late Mrs. Dooley was close on 80, her faculties were exceptionally keen up to the last, and she was noted for her interesting conversational powers. She was a devout Catholic, and it was a source of great consolation to her friends to know that she received the last Sacraments and rites of the Church. She has left two sisters, Mesdames Beatty and Henderson, and a brother, T. A. M. McEwen. May her soul rest in peace.
    Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954), Friday 3 February 1939, page 13
  • DOOLEY. Of your charity, pray for the happy repose of the soul of Catherine Dooley, late proprietress of Mannahill Hotel; dearly loved, sadly missed. Requiescat in pace. Inserted by her sister, Delia.
    Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA), Friday 12 January 1945, page 6
  • DOOLEY. In loving memory of Catherine Dooley, who departed this life on January 9, 1939. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on her soul. Inserted by her sister, Janie R. Henderson, Mannahill.
    Southern Cross, Friday 12 January 1940, page 10
  • DOOLEY. On the 2nd June, at his residence, 30 College avenue, Prospect. Patrick, the beloved husband of Catherine Dooley, late of Mannahill, aged 67 years. Requiescat in pace.
    Register News-Pictorial, Monday 3 June 1929, page 8
2E) William Bartholomew MCEWEN b.8-6-1860 at Saddleworth, SA d.17-12-1932 m. Mary d.30-11-1903 at 37 yrs burial Wallaroo, 5 children
  • McEWEN. On December 17, William Bartholomew, eldest son of the late Thomas and Ellen McEwen, Franklin Harbor, leaving four daughters and one son, fortified by Rites of Holy Church, aged 72 years. R.1.P
    Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1954), Friday 23 December 1932, page 10
  • McEWEN. The Friends of the late Mr. WLLIAM BARTHOLOMEW McEWEN, late of Franklin Harbour, are respectfully informed that his Funeral will Leave the Residence of his son-in-law (Mr. S. RusselI), 20 Hutchinson street, Torrensville on SUNDAY at 2.15 p.m. for the Catholic Cemetery, West terrace.
    News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Saturday 17 December 1932, page 8
3E) Anne MCEWEN b. 22-3-1862 at Saddleworth d. 4-8-1929
  • McEWEN, On August 4, Ann Elizabeth second daughter of the late Thomas and Ellen McEwen, and beloved sister of Mesdames Dooley, Beatty, and Henderson, and Messrs. W. B. and T. A. McEwen. Requiescat in Pace.
    Southern Cross, Friday 9 August 1929, page 10
4E) Mary Monica MCEWEN b. 6-1-1864 at Gilbert d. 27-3-1907 aged 42 yrs at Wallaroo burial Wallaroo, m. John Patrick McCarthy on 31-1-1891 at the residence of Patrick J McCarthy, Carpa, Franklin Harbor

5E) Timothy Augustine MCEWEN b. 12-7-1865 at Gilbert d.7-4-1942 at Edithburgh, Yorke Peninsula did not marry.
  • McEWEN. On April 7, at residence of his niece (Mrs. Brennan), Family Hotel, Edithburgh, Timothy McEwen, dearly beloved brother Mesdames Beatty and Henderson. Requiescat in pace. Advertiser Monday 18 May 1942, page 8
6E) Francis Ernest Stanislaus MCEWEN b.6-1-1868 at Gilbert, SA d. 25-7-1927 at N. Adelaide, bur. W Tce m. Elizabeth Morriss WARE on 26-11-1895 at Cowell, SA.

7E) Ellen MCEWEN b. 26-8-1869 at Gilbert d. 1876?

8E) Bridget (Delia) MCEWEN b. 24-6-1871 at Glen Ellen m. John Stanislaus Beatty. 4-5 children. (Not sure about this husband but probable)
  • Port Neill, January 28. A FATAL ACCIDENT
    A very sad fatal accident happened in the Hundred of Smeaton, on the Darke's Peak railway, the victim being John Bruce Beatty, aged 15 years. He was driving a horse and dray shifting some things on the 26th inst., when by some means the dray' capsized, and when found some time after his neck was broken, death having been instantaneous. The body was brought in here on Monday, a distance of 20 or 30 miles, and was buried to-day in the Carrow Cemetery. (now called Port Neill Cemetery) An inquest was deemed unnecessary. The deceased's parents, Mr and Mrs John Beatty, reside here with their family. One sad feature was that the lad's father was working 10 miles further along the line, and brought the sad news home. Much sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Beatty and family, as Bruce was the eldest, and gave premise of a good, quiet young man, very respectful, and much liked. The town was cast in a gloom when the sad news became known. The funeral was well attended—a token of the respect in which he was held.
    West Coast Recorder, Saturday 8 February 1913, page 9
  • A CLAIM FOR £300.
    A claim for £300 compensation was made by John Stanislaus Beatty, Delia. Beatty, and their three children against Smith and thomas in respect of the death of John B. R. S. Beatty, eldest son of John and Delia Beatty. Mr. Gordon appeared for the applicant, and Mr. Skipper for the respondent. The claim set out that the deceased, a lad of 14 years of age, was employed by the respondents on the Darke's Peak railway, and was driving a horse in a spring dray, when the horse fell, causing the deceased to fall under the shaft. His neck was broken, and death occurred the same day, January 26, 1913. It was also stated that the deceased earned 7/6 a day, and contributed from 37/ to 44/6 to the support of the home. The applicants asked for £300 to be apportioned as follows: £100 each to John and Delia Beatty, and £100 to be" divided equally among the children. John Beatty, father of deceased, said his son frequently worked on Sundays, for which he received 7/6 extra. His earnings helped in the upkeep of the home and in the reduction of the debt upon the land they held. Delia Beatty, mother of deceased, also gave evidence. Mr. Skipper said the respondents did not wish compensation to he awarded, with a niggardly hand, but thought it should be considerably less than the £300 claimed. He was of opinion that £150, which was awarded in a similar case in New Zealand, would he sufficient. The court had to take into consideration the whole of the circumstances in estimating the injury to the dependents through the death of a wage-earning member of the family, and the probability of his not earning the extraordinary high wages he was, receiving at the time of his death. The SM said the court had to take a broad view of the relative positions of the parties. The boy was receiving abnormally good wage and it would be unreasonable to expect that that state of things should continue for any long period. He thought the circumstances would be met by an award of a £150, £50 each to the father and mother, and £50 to the remaining members of the family. He would order the payment of £50 at once, and the balance to be placed with the Public Trustee, and paid to the applicants in weekly instalments of 10/. He would allow £10 10/ costs.
    Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Friday 28 March 1913, page 13
  • BEATTY.On December 14, 1947 at Calvary Hospital, Delia Ellen, beloved wife ol John Stanislaus Beatty. of Military rd., Henley Beach, and loved and loving mother ot Jessie, Thomas, Leo, Eileen and mother-in-law of Grace, and grandmother of lan Anthony. Aged 75 years. Requiescat In pace.
    Advertiser, Wednesday 17 December 1947, page 18
  • BEATTY. On April 8, at Calvary Hospital, North Adelaide, John Stanislaus, beloved husband of the late Delia Ellen Beatty, of Halifax street, Adelaide. Aged 77 years. requiescat in pace.
    BEATTY. On April 8, at Calvary hospital. John Stanislaus, loved husband of late Delia Ellen Beatty, loving father of Jessie, (Mrs. Thomas Brennan, Edithburgh) loved grandfather of Tom, Laurie, Delia, Mick and Leo Brennan. Requiescat in pace. BEATTY. On April 8, 1951 at Calvary hospital, John Stanislaus, loving father of Jessie, Tom, Eileen (deceased) and Leo, father-in-law of Grace, and fond grandfather of Ian and Adrian. Aged 77 yean. Privately interred.
    Advertiser, Wednesday 11 April 1951, page 20
9E) Twins Rose and Teresa MCEWEN b. 1874 at Gilbert. Teresa d.15-12-1875 and Rose d. 11-12-1875 at Mandora aged 8 months.

11E) Jane Rose MCEWEN b. 28-7-1876 in Warnertown d. 7-6-1951 aged 74 yrs in Port Lincoln m. Allan Kelly HENDERSON b. 10-4-1872 Stone Hut d. 1948 in Pt Lincoln, both buried Pt Lincoln, on 22-4-1895 at Res of Thomas McEwen Carpa, SA. Children: Kathleen Mary Henderson Kenny b.14-9-1896 Stone Hut d. 1972, Allen Kevin Henderson b.27-3-1898 Cleve d.1963, Maurice Gerald Henderson b.21-9-1899 Cleve d.1984, Thomas McEwen Henderson b.19-8-1901 Wallaroo d.1991, Francis Leo Henderson b.21-2-1903 Elliston d. 1925, Ellen Rose Henderson b.13-6-1905 Elliston, Jean Henderson Schapel 5-1907 Elliston d.2008, Clair Henderson Ferry b. 29-9-1909, Mary Henderson Angove b.1912, Raymond Henderson b.1914 and Bernard Henderson b. 1916 d.2000. More details about Allen are to be found on the Wiki link to his name. At right is his photo taken from the website as is the photo on left of Maurice Henderson, with many thanks.
  • HENDERSON McEWEN: On the 22nd April, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. P. Jorgenson, Allen Kelly, fifth son of Peter Henderson, Yadnarie, to Janie Rose, youngest daughter of Thomas McEwen, Carpa.
    South Australian Chronicle, Saturday 4 May 1895, page 4
  • DEATH OF WELL-KNOWN IDENTITY. Allen Kelly Henderson, who died on 7th July, 1948, was probably one of the best known identities of the West Coast. He was the son of the late Mr. Peter Henderson, and was born at Allendale, near Kapunda, in 1872. In 1886 the family took up land near Cleve, and this farm is still associated with the Henderson family, as a nephew, Mr. Peter Henderson, is still living in the old homestead. In 1895, Mr. Henderson married Miss Janie McEwen, who was always of great assistance to him in all his ventures. He widened his interests in 1901 when he took over an agency business at Elliston. His family of eleven children were born mainly at Cleve and Elliston. In 1921, he bought his first hotel at Cummins, and from there he owned the Grand Hotel at Port Lincoln, Wangary, Lock, Quorn, the Family Hotel at Glenelg, and, finally the Hotel Boston at Port Lincoln, which is still conducted by his eldest son, Mr. Kevin Henderson. Although in hotels, his interests were still primarily with the land, and, in particular, with sheep. It has been said that as a private individual he probably moved more sheep on Eyre Peninsula than any other man, and nothing gave him greater pleasure than to have a special stock train to himself. He was renowned as a judge of sheep, and his declining years at Big Swamp were a joy not only to himself, but to those who saw him so happy with his sheep. He died at Flinders House in Port Lincoln, and is survived by his wife, four sons, four daughters, 30 grand children and one great grand daughter.
    Port Lincoln Times, Thursday 22 July 1948, page 4,
    HENDERSON. On June 7, at Port Lincoln, suddenly, Janie Rose, beloved wife of the late Allen K. Henderson, and mother of Kathleen (Mrs. Kenny), Kevin, Maurice, Thomas, Jean (Mrs. Schapel), Clair (Mrs. Ferry), Mary (Mrs. Angove), and Bernard. Also Leo, Ellen (Sister Mary Leo), and Raymond (deceased). Aged 74 years. Requiescat in pace.
    Southern Cross, Friday 29 June 1951, page 14
    ON June 7, 1951 at Port Lincoln, there passed away a truly remarkable old lady in the person of Mrs. A. K. Henderson. Born Janie Rose McEwen, at War nertown, 74 years ago, she was the last of that old pioneer family. On moving to Franklin Harbour and reaching girlhood, she became one of that band of four McEwen sisters, whose achievements as school teachers are to this day remembered in the district. In 1895 the deceased married Allen Henderson, and after experiencing failure with bad seasons in farming, they sold out and moved to Elliston, where they reared a family of six sons and five daughters. Her skill as a teacher stood to her in establishing and conducting for 14 years a Sunday school at Elliston, where in those days the Priest visited only once in three months. When their family grew up, the Hendersons went into the hotel business, and finally retired from the Hotel Boston at Port Lincoln, which is now conducted by their eldest son. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson were staunch Catholics, and their home was frequently honored by visits of the Priests. One daughter (Ellen) became a Sister of St. Joseph, and last year a granddaughter, Margaret Kenny, became Sr. M. Michael. A grandson, Gerald Henderson, has received the habit of the Christian Brothers. The Catholic community of Port Lincoln will miss Mrs. Henderson's presence at the church, and her help and activity at all social functions and the Summer Schools. Active and happy to the end, Mrs. Henderson's death was very sudden. All the surviving members of her family, four sons and four daughters (her husband and three children predeceased her), were present at the graveside. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Fr. Nesdale, and the number ox people who attended and the beautiful floral tributes from so many societies and friends were an indication of the loss her death will mean. To her family we offer our deepest sympathy. May her soul rest in peace.
    Southern Cross, Friday 6 July 1951, page 9

Main information taken from The House of Starrs, Case, Cunningham by Aileen Murray
Genealogical Database, SA Genealogical Society-births, deaths marriages
Find a Grave online

I have not checked Aileen's dates and data but she seems meticulous in her research and naming of sources, including a whole page in her book. Much of the Starrs' births, deaths and marriages information is not found online in the Genealogical Society SA databases. Aileen obviously spent money on certificates and consulted family for extra information. I have added a great deal of detail to the families of the 5 Starr children from online sources, especially TROVE, with thanks. I have made a few intelligent guesses along the way and hope I have got it right, particularly in the case of Bridget Delia McEwen
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