This page was developed for school students interested in studying family history as a research project for their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) but I have now added personal links too.

These shows will soon reveal how exciting and interesting unravelling your family history can be.
Go to SBS, and choose an episode.

Digital voice recorder. Small but powerful. Your mobile phone probably also has a recorder. Sound files can go straight online as MP3 files.
Notebook-keep all of your information in it. Write down the date and heading for each entry including phone calls and texts related to the topic, visits to the library etc. Use only one book at a time as everything is then automatically in sequential order when it comes to reflecting on what you have done. Number and date new books sequentially too.
Scanner-scan original photos and documents into a computer and then you have copies when you need them. Label each picture/document explicitly.
Camera or mobile phone-A photo of an existing picture or record often comes out surprisingly well, if you are unable to copy it.
USB stick-always handy for storing data.

Family History Resources explained in the National Archives of Australia
Directories, almanacs and gazetteers are useful for tracing the addresses and movement of your ancestors though all the information may not be accurate. Sands and MacDougall Directories for SA are to be found at the State Library of SA and are now online.
National Library genealogy websites
State Library family history links
Historical land searches
Electoral Rolls wonderful for tracing family if you know where they lived.
Top 100 genealogy websites for 2016 (Time magazine)

Genealogy Today: McEvoys and general
Tributes from The Advertiser-current death and funeral notices.
Savill Index of The Advertiser Funeral Notices
SA Genealogical Society Births, marriages, deaths, SA Cemeteries- search the online database under "Resources"
TROVE at the National Library of Australia (NLA) for newspaper stories from those newspapers which have been digitised
The Last Post: Funerals for the whole of Australia.
Ryerson Index of death notices
Papers Past fabulous New Zealand digitised Newspaper database.
Ancestor Hunt using newspapers
Almanacs at the State Library
Persons lost and Found in SA by Maureen Leadbetter.
SAILIS land records.
SA Genealogy on Facebook with Michelle Scragg.
Linc: Tasmanian names index
Commonwealth records at the National Archives-defence forces, immigration, national security, prominent figures etc. Search the NAA records.
Family Tree Oz historical records available including some motor registrations
Australian War Memorial for those serving in various wars.
RSL virtual war memorial.
Military records, US and elsewhere.
State Library old colonists records.
Australasian Legal Information Institute: Type in a name and come up with a surprising number of cases!
Oz ships: Australian Shipping 1788-1968
Genealogy by Cora Num
Births, deaths and marriages: State Library resources
Hatched, Matched, Dispatched notices
Family Histroy Centre Australia
Births, deaths and marriages in SA
Family relationships.
Roots Web information
Centennial Park Cemetery, Adelaide, SA.
South Australian deaths
Obituaries AustraliaYou can upload the obituary of a relative if it has been published in a newspaper.
Proformat, with some free databases courtesy Graham Jaunay
Family History SA-databases on shipping, births, deaths and marriages, land purchases by selection and more
State archives-search for records on a town or person
Google News or general search- (the article on right from the New Zealand 'West Coast Times' of 25-3-1902 is about my grandfather and found through a Google News search) advertised and wanting you to spend money, but I've realised they have so much information now that it can be money well spent, at least in the short term and if your relatives don't come from Ireland!
Dusty Docs Links to parish records in Britain
Find Irish Ancestors.
Family Search: new records added recently.
Cyndi's List
Ancestry Australia directory.
Australian pictures in TROVE.
British Pathé

Go to the State Library on the corner of North Terrace and Kintore Ave in Adelaide and explore their text collection and online resources, some of which are only available in the library. You can get one hour of individual help with your family history research if you book in advance.
You can check newspapers on microfilm for stories about the family and for family notices. Recent newspapers have not yet been digitised.
Explore directories like Sands and MacDougall, gazetteers and electoral rolls for addresses, occupations and dates.
The State Archive and National Archives were moved to the State Library late in 2014 but have now been moved back to Gepps Cross. Check their catalogues online and order in material.
Visit the Genealogical Society at 201 Unley Road, Unley, to search their excellent collection. You will have to pay a fee if you are not a member.
Do Historical searching of land leases and deeds at the Land Services Group, 101 Grenfell St, Adelaide, 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

A family history text, if it exists, may be found at the genealogical society or state library or some family members may own a copy. If you know the name of a book, you may be able to track it down via the internet. Local history texts about a district where your family lived might also contain information about them.

Here are some I consulted for my paternal family history.
Among the Pioneers compiled by G.M.Patterson
Bridging the Years, History of the Warrow-Coulta School 1880-1966 by Patricia M. Virgin pub. 1986
Calca 1885-1991 compiled by Lisa Baker
Chandada Run by Jim Cronin pub. 1986
Cungena Country compiled and edited by Agnes Dickson pub. 1983
Echoes from the Past, Wudinna and Surrounding Schools, 1919-1979 by Erna Franklin et al
The Family Case compiled by Maurice Keain and Tom Case
The Fitzgeralds, Irish Pioneers of South Australia by the Fitzgerald book committee under Matt Fitzgerald, Oct, 1986
From Stumps to Stubble by Roslyn M. Paterson and Eyvonne L. Price, published by the District Council of Bute, 1984
Getting By by Evelyn Nelson pub. 2000
A History of St Canute's, Streaky Bay by Ellen Bascombe, Streaky Bay, pub Sept. 2012. Available from author.
The House of Starrs, Case, Cunningham by A. Murray
The McPharlin Family McPharlin Family Committee
Plain of Contrast, A History of Willowie, Amyton, Booleroo Whim edited by L. Blieschke, 1975
Pursuit Through the Years and The Pursuit Ended by Mollie Puckridge
The Steaky Bay edited by Neil and Val Thompson pub. 1988
Through the Eyes of a Child by Mary (Molly) H. Smart pub. 1982
Two Wells Then and Now, A History of the Hundred of Port Gawler by Bet Williams, pub. 1991,
A Wee Deoch and Doris The House of McEvoy, by Robert J. Munro compiled 2003 revised 2011, updated as information received.
Where's Piednippie? A history of the district to commemorate the 50th Jubilee of the Piednippie hall. Compiled by Fred Gerschwitz, 1983.
The Zilms at Nain and Beyond by the Zilm Family History Committee pub. 1982

Remember, we all have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 GG grandparents, 32 GGG grandparents....
Just because some don't have the same surname doesn't mean they are any less your ancestors.

Page created 16-1-2011; Updated, 2-2-2017. Picture: Jonathan and Christopher McEvoy eating twopenny ha'penny icecreams, c. 1950. The story goes that one morning, very early, Chris and Jonny woke up the nearby shopkeeper to buy 2 icecreams. The shopkeeper is reputed to have said, "Bugger the twopenny ha'penny icecreams!"
News article about my maternal grandfather from The NZ 'Evening Star' newspaper of 13-3-1902, found in New Zealand's Papers Past.