1. George Powell, b. 1822 Chichester, Co Sussex, England. Died 23-4-1867, Bremerton, SA (45yo). "Powell-On the 23rd April, at Langhorne's Bridge, of disease of the heart, George, the eldest son of Mr Frederick Powell, late of Chichester, Sussex, in the 45th year of his age." SA Advertiser 29-5-1867, p7. Buried plot 145, Langhorne Creek Cemetery, SA Emigrated to SA 1840, on the "Morley" with parents. Married 1st unknown.

      George Powell (2), born 1856. Died 5-11-1920, Black Springs, SA (64yo). Married Elizabeth Ann Brett, 24-7-1882, Adelaide, SA. Marriage at residence of John Charles August Mesecke. Elizabeth, d/o William, born 1858, died 5-7-1926, Cheltenham, SA (67yo), & buried 1926. West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, SA. Resided 1883, Waymouth Street, Adelaide, SA. Resided 1910, Findon, SA.
      6 Children Of George Powell And Elizabeth Ann Brett:
      • Edith Mary Powell, born 1-6-1883, Adelaide, SA. Died 25-11-1883, Waymouth Street, Adelaide, SA (5mo). Buried with mother, 26/11/1883, West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, SA.
      • George Powell(3), born 29/4/1884, Adelaide, SA. Died 4-3-1949, Farrell Flat, SA (64yo).Buried plot 48, Farrell Flat Cemetery, SA. Married Elfrida Ethel Przibilla, 27-5-1925, Alberton, SA. Marriage at residence of Rev. W. C. Brooker. Elfrida, d/o Gustave, born 1896, d.1990 & buried plot 47, Farrell Flat Cemetery, SA (94yo).
        1 Child Of George And Elfrida Przibilla
        • Sylvia Muriel Powell, born 3/3/1926, Redruth, SA.
      • Walter Daniel Powell, born 26-7-1886, Adelaide, SA. Died 16-10-1942, Hill River, SA (58yo). Buried Plot 18, Farrell Flat Cemetery, SA (58yo). Married Hilda May Blight, 28-7-1922, Parsonage, South Terrace, Adelaide, SA. Hilda, d/o Francis, born 1893.
      • Ruth Ellen Powell, born 11-4-1888, Adelaide, SA. Married Wallace Harrold Evans, 28-9-1910, Findon, SA. Marriage at residence of George Powell. Wallace, s/o Richard, born 1886.
        6 Children Of Ruth Ellen And Wallace Evans:
        • Harrold George Evans, born 17-5-1911, Woodville, SA.
        • Kenneth Howard Evans, born 18-2-1913, Woodville, SA.
        • Sydney Wallace Evans, born 21-2-1915, Woodville, SA.
        • Albert John Evans, born 4-1-1920, Woodville, SA.
        • Audrey Ruth Evans, born 24-1-1923, Woodville, SA.
        • Doris June Evans, born 4-6-1926, Woodville, SA.
      • Elizabeth Ann Powell, born 17-7-1891, Adelaide, SA. Died 17-8-1893, Waymouth Street, Adelaide, SA (2yo). Buried with mother, 1893, West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, SA.
      • John William Powell, born 14-3-1896, Adelaide, SA.Died 6-10-1963, Cheltenham, nr Woodville, SA (67yo). Buried with mother, 1963, West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, SA. Did not marry.
    • Frederick Henry Powell, born 1858. Died 27-4-1913, Norwood, at sea, SA (53yo). Married Mary Jane Donoghue, 25-1-1884, Roman Catholic, North Adelaide, SA. Mary, d/o Patrick, born 1864, & died 24-3-1916, Henley Park, SA (51yo). A coronial report into Mary's death by gas was dated 24-3-1916.
      6 Children Of Frederick Henry And Mary Jane Donoghue:
      • George Henry Powell, born 26-9-1887, Hemington nr Thebarton, Adelaide, SA. Died 21-6-1946, Woodville, SA (58yo). Married Frances Nellie Powell, 13-3-1914, Prospect, SA. at residence of Rev. E. Bungey. Frances, d/o Francis Douglas Powell, born 1893.
        3 Children Of George Henry Powell And Frances Powell
        • Clarice Sylvia Powell, born 24-12-1914, Norwood, Adelaide, SA.
        • Lyla Imelda Powell, born 11-12-1917, Naracoorte, SA. Married Albert William Tom Nutt, 26-8-1936, Salvationa Army Quarters, Hindmarsh, SA. Albert, s/o William, born 1916.
        • Bonar Verdun Powell, born 8-2-1919, Naracoorte, SA.
      • Frederick William Powell, born 16-7-1890, Thebarton, Adelaide, SA.
      • Mary Ellen Powell, born 26-1-1894, Hemington nr Thebarton, Adelaide, SA.
      • Ernest Clement Powell, born 2-6-1898, Hemington nr Thebarton, Adelaide, SA. Died 25-9-1922, Thebarton, Adelaide, SA (25yo). Did not marry.
      • Clara Imelda Powell, born 2-9-1900, Henley Park, Adelaide, SA. Married Joseph Chamberlain, 28-1-1921, St Paul, Adelaide, SA. Joseph, s/p Joseph Sr, born 1891.
        2 Children Of Clara And Joseph Chamberlain
        • Raymond Joseph Chamberlain, born 1-1-1922, Rose Park, Adelaide, SA.
        • Daphne Imelda Chamberlain, born 16-1-1925, Rose Park, Adelaide, SA.
      • Albert Edward Powell, born 9-11-1907, Thebarton, Adelaide, SA, died 16-9-1963, Prospect, Adelaide, SA (55yo). Married Mary Mildred Howe, 20-10-1934, St Cuthbert, Prospect, Adelaide, SA.Mary, d/o Arthur, born 1908.

    George Powell (2) married 2nd Charlotte McTavish, 9-5-1864, Registry Office, Wellington East, SA. Both previously married. Charlotte, d/o William Watkins, born 1818, & died 26-5-1909, Blackwood, Adelaide, SA (91yo). Resided 1841, Adelaide, SA.

    • Henry James Powell, born 1866, died 19-7-1935, Ashford Park, Adelaide, SA (68yo). Married Catherine Frances Hannah Basford, 7-6-1887, Adelaide, SA at residence of William Frederick Basford. Catherine, d/o William, born 1866, & died 28-4-1957, Somerton, Adelaide, SA (91yo).
      4 Children Of Henry James Powell And Catherine Basford
      • Elizabeth Ludovina Clifton Powell, born 18-3-1889, Adelaide, SA. Married Percival William Cowey, 19-10-1910, St Paul, Adelaide, SA. Percival, s/o Alfred, born 1884.
        1 Child Of Elizabeth Ludovina Powell And Percival Cowey
          Reginold William Cowey, born 22-8-1911, Croydon, Adelaide, SA.
      • Henry William George Powell, born 7-3-1891, Adelaide, SA, died 26-4-1961, Linden Park, Adelaide, SA (70yo). Married Gertrude Maud Harrison, 16-5-1914, St Matthew, Kensington, Adelaide, SA. Henry, s/o Henry James, 23yo. Gertrude born 1891. Dated 27-5-1915 was City Coronor's Police Report into a fire at 114 Gilles Street, Adelaide, involving Mrs H. W. Powell. {There was no death recorded in 1915 (in SA) for a Powell so presumably the fire did not result in a fatality. Henry William was the only H. W. Powell to have been in Adelaide at the time}
      • Huia Powell, born 28-7-1896, Adelaide, SA, died 17-4-1960, Camden Park, Adelaide, SA (64yo). Married Mavis Locke Coote Foale, 30-3-1929, St Paul, Adelaide, SA. Huia, s/o Henry James, 33 yo.Mavis, d/o Robert, 28yo.
      • Annie Louise Powell, born 12-10-1898, West Adelaide, SA. Married Cecil Ronald Thompson, 31-1-1922, Methodist Church, Taylor Street, Kadina, SA. Annie, d/o Henry James, 23yo. Cecil, s/o William, 21yo.

    2. Edward Henry Powell, b. 1824. d. 15-2-1893, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (68yo). Buried plot 495, Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A. "Powell-In loving remembrance of Edward Henry Powell, who departed this life at his residence, Langhorne's Creek, on February 15, 1893. ... Inserted by his sorrowing wife and children." Advertiser 16-2-1894, p4
    Emigrated to S.A. 1840, on the "Morley" with parents. Church of England. Labourer, veterinary surgeon 1845, Stablekeeper, 1846,1847, hotelier & farmer.
    Married Hannah Cleggett, 1-12-1851, St James, Blakiston, S.A. Hannah, d/o Friend & Hannah Cleggett, b. 1833, d. 11-10-1896, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (63yo), & buried Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A.
    "Powell-On the 11th October, at her residence, Langhorne's Creek, Hannah, relict of the late Edward Henry Powell, and eldest daughter of the late Friend Cleggett, of Mount Barker, aged 68 years. A colonist of 58 years." Advertiser 16/10/1896, p4. Resided 1841, Adelaide, 1844-1847, Gouger Street, Adelaide, S.A. Resided Mt Barker, S.A. Resided Langhorne Creek, S.A. One of the places the Powells lived was Langhorne Creek. An inn called the "Travellers' Rest" was built and "years later the land was sold to Mr. Powell for dairy farming, this building 'becoming' a residence," according to the family history, "Frank Potts of Langhorne Creek." In the same book, they mention repairing a washing machine for their Powell neighbours.
    10 Children Of Edward Henry Powell And Hannah Cleggett:

    • Emma Powell, b. 21-9-1852, Adelaide, S.A. d. 23-11-1903, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (51yo). Did not marry.Buried Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A.
    • George Friend Powell, b. 6-5-1855, Adelaide, S.A. d. 2-4-1898, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia (42yo). Buried Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A. Married Margaret May McNaster Robinson, 17-10-1888, Christ Church, Strathalbyn, S.A. Margaret, d/o Alexander, b. 1869. Margaret married 2nd Thomas McGowan, 1900, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.
      2 Children Of George Friend Powell And Margaret Robinson:
      • Alexander Edward Powell, b. 27-6-1889, Wolseley, S.A. d. 1930, Coolgardie, Western Australia. Married Grace D. Bextream, 1920, Boulder, Western Australia.
      • Stanley Norman Powell, b. 1898, South Broken Hill, NSW, Australia d. 1960, East Coolgardie, Western Australia (63yo). Married Winifred I. Giles, 1929, Boulder, Western Australia.
    • Hannah Elizabeth Powell, b. 21-5-1857, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 16-11858, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (8mo).
    • Friend Powell, b. 1859, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 9-5-1903, Strathalbyn, S.A. Farmer. Buried plot 494, Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A. (44yo). Resided 1903, Langhorne Creek, S.A. Did not marry.
    • Sarah Powell, b. 1861, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 4-7-1906. Married William Gould, 1-11-1880, Wesleyan Church, Langhorne Creek, S.A. William, s/o William Sr.
      6 Children Of Sarah And William Gould:
      • Hannah Gould, b. 27-11-1881, Langhorne Creek, S.A.
      • William Wolsely Gould, b. 3-2-1884, Wolseley, S.A.
      • Lucy Gould, b. 9-12-1888, Wolseley, S.A.
      • Sidney Gould, b. 3-12-1891, Wolseley, S.A.
      • Ruby Gould, b. 26-6-1897, Wolseley, S.A.
      • Alice Gould, b. 19-9-1900, Wolseley, S.A.
    • Frederick Powell, b. 28-5-1863, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 24-8-1905, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (42yo).Buried plot 518, Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A.
      "Langhorne's Creek, September 6. - Land in this neighborhood commands big prices. For 3.25 acres, with dwelling house and conveniences in the estate of the late Frederick Powell. Mr S. J. Moulds paid £235 to-day. For 85 acres about-half a mile away, in the hundred of Freeling, Mr. W. Craig was the purchaser at £6 5/ per acre." Advertiser 11-9-1909, p18
      Married Lilly Rogers, 1-2-1888, Wesleyan Church, Langhorne Bridge, S.A. Lilly, d/o Alfred, b. 1868, d. 14/7/1889, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (21yo) & buried plot 494, Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A. Married 2nd Annie Jenkin Joselyn Thompson, 30-11-1898, Presbyterian Church, Rosewater, S.A. Annie, d/o Joseph, b. 1875. Annie married 2nd Johan Loser, 3-7-1909, Yatala, S.A.
      4 Children Of Frederick And Annie Powell:
      • Edward Archie Powell, b. 21-5-1889, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 18-11-1916, Keswick, Adelaide, S.A. (27yo) Married Florance Alice Boxall, 1910, Victoria, Australia. Florence married 2nd Arthur Frederick Smith, 11-1-1924, Adelaide, S.A.
      • Eileen Doris Powell, b. 31-10-1889, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 2-11-1899, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (36ho). Buried plot 494, Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A.
      • Eric Frederick Thompson Powell, b. 28-3-1903, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 2-6-1906, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (3yo). Buried plot 518, Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A.
      • Vera Annie Thompson Powell, b. 11-2-1906, Langhorne Creek, S.A. Married Robert Angus Trotter, 17-3-1928, Methodist Church, Yatala, S.A. Robert, s/o Robert Sr, b. 1895.
    • John Powell, b. 8-7-1866, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 19-10-1866, Langhorne Creek, S.A. (4mo). Buried Langhorne Creek Cemetery, S.A.
    • Henry Powell, b. 12-6-1868, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 1941, Goulburn, NSW, Australia. Married Mary Jane Susan Olive Rundholm, 7-6-1897, Holy Trinity, Adelaide, S.A. Mary, d/o Simon, b. 1877.
      2 Children Of Henry And Mary Powell:
      • Winifred Hannah Powell, b. 26-9-1899, Modbury, S.A. Married John Craig, 1923, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.
      • Neta D. Powell, b. 1898, South Broken Hill, NSW, Australia. Married George H. Lewis, 1922, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia.
    • Harriett Powell, b. 23-1-1871, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 5-5-1944. Married William Craig, 9-1-1895, Presbyterian Church, Strathalbyn, S.A. William, s/o George, b. 1866.
      2 Children Of Harriet And William Craig:
      • Effie Victoria Craig, b. 19-12-1900, Langhorne Creek, S.A.
      • Cyril Gordon Craig, b. 28-2-1904, Langhorne Creek, S.A.
    • Hannah Powell, b. 12-3-1873, Langhorne Creek, S.A. d. 25-2-1904, Littlehampton, S.A. (30yo). Married Stephen Houghton Childs, 15-9-1902, Christ Church, Strathalbyn, S.A. Stephen, previously married, s/o Stephen, b. 1869.

    3. Jane Powell, b. 1827, d. 21-8-1871, Adelaide, S.A. (49yo). "Rowe - On the 21st August, at her residence, Survey Stables, after a painful illness, Jane, the beloved wife of William Rowe, and eldest daughter of Mr. Frederick Powell, aged 49 years. An old colonist of 35 years." SA Register 9-9-1875, p7 Emigrated to S.A. 1840, on the "Morley" with parents. Married William Rowe, 15-2-1846, Holy Trinity, Adelaide, S.A. William was of age, Jane was a minor.
    8 Children Of Jane Powell And William Rowe:

    • Mary Jane Rowe, born 2-5-1846, Adelaide, South Australia.
    • Abigail Rowe, born 17-8-1847, Adelaide, South Australia.
    • Frances Emma Rowe, born 22-12-1849, Adelaide, South Australia.
    • William Frederick Henry Rowe, born 17-8-1851, Adelaide, South Australia.
    • George John Rowe, born 22-9-1855, Parklands, Adelaide, South Australia.
    • Edwin Rowe, born 8-6-1859, Parklands, Adelaide, South Australia.
    • Edward Rowe, born 7-6-1862, Parklands, Adelaide, South Australia.
    • Albert Edward Rowe, born 8-3-1864, Adelaide, South Australia.

    4. William Powell here.

    5. Mary Ann Powell, b. 1831. d. 6-4-1874, St Arnaud's, Victoria, Australia (43yo). "Perry-On the 6th April, at her residence, St. Arnaud's, Victoria, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of John Perry, and second daughter of Frederick Powell, of Adelaide, aged 43 years. An old colonist of 34 years standing." SA Register 22/4/1874, p8 Married John Perry.
    1 Child Of Mary Ann And John Perry:

    • John William Perry, b. 28-6-1851, Adelaide, S.A.

      Some mystery surrounds marriages of Mary Ann Powell 23-3-1850 and Eliza Joanna Powell 8-9-1852. Eliza would have been 21 not 19 if she was born in 1831. Powell page says both born 1831 but Mary Ann was not on the main list of emigrants. Timing and ages suggest she was the child of this Frederick Powell. Marriage of both girls was at Holy Trinity Church, N. Adelaide and fathers' names not recorded for both.

    6. Eliza Joanna Powell, b. 1831, d. 11-4-1898, Adelaide, S.A. (67yo). Emigrated to S.A., 1840, on the "Morley" with parents. Married William Lambourne Bonney, 8-9-1852, Holy Trinity, S.A. William 23yo, Eliza 19yo.
    11 Children Of Eliza Joanna Powell And William Bonney:

    • William Bonney, b. 21-5-1853, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Frances Ellen Bonny, b. 16-2-1855, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Albert John Bonney, b. 23-5-1857, Norwood, Adelaide, S.A.
    • James Frederick Bonney, b. 6-9-1859, North Adelaide, S.A.
    • Edwin Frank Bonney, b. 11-10-1861, North Adelaide, S.A.
    • Jane Mary Bonney, b. 8-6-1864, North Adelaide, S.A.
    • Alfred Ernest Bonney, b. 8-11-1867, North Adelaide, S.A.
    • Arthur Bonney, b. 7-12-1869, North Adelaide, S.A.
    • Lily Maud Boney, b. 6-7-1874, Unley, Adelaide, S.A.
    • George Edward Bonney, b. 23-8-1876, Unley, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Charles Henry Bonney, b. 15-5-1878, Unley, Adelaide, S.A.

    7. John Powell, b. 1833, d. 2-9-1925, Dowlingville, S.A. (81yo). Emigrated to S.A., 1840, on the "Morley" with parents. Married Margaret Williamson, 4-10-1870, Wesleyan Parsonage, Pirie Street, Adelaide, S.A. John 37yo, Margaret, d/o Magnus, b. 1845, d. 30-1-1930, Dowlingville, S.A. (89yo).
    8 Children Of John And Margaret Powell:

    • John Magus Powell, b. 16-7-1871, North Adelaide, S.A. Married Clara Kate Harris, 6-3-1894, Wesleyan Church, Port Wakefield, S.A. Clara, d/o James, b. 1874.
    • Sarah Ann Agnes Powell, b. 15-1-1873, North Adelaide, S.A.
    • George James Powell, b. 14-7-1874, North Adelaide, S.A.
    • Arthur William Powell, b. 13-1-1876, North Adelaide, S.A. Married Martha Walker, 11-4-1900, Wesleyan Church, Clinton, S.A. Martha, d/o William, b. 1874.
    • Thomas Charles Powell, b. 9-12-1877, Ardrossan Adelaide, S.A. d. 12-1-1941, Cummins, Adelaide, S.A. (61yo). Married Emma Bridgman, 14-2-1911, Stow Memorial Church, Adelaide, S.A. Emma, d/o William, b. 1882
      2 Children Of Thomas And Emma Powell:
      • Ronald Charles William Powell, b. 12-4-1913, North Unley, Adelaide, S.A.
      • Audrey Margaret Powell, b. 1-11-1915, Ardrossan, S.A.
    • Ernest Albert Powell, b. 28-8-1879, Dowlingville, S.A. d. 28-7-1956, Halbury, Balaklava, S.A. (75yo). Married Minnie Beatrice Illman, 28-10-1909, Methodist Church, Balaklava, S.A. Minnie, d/o Thomas, b. 1887.
      2 Children Of Ernest Albert And Minnie Powell:
      • Beatrice Ruth Powell, b. 9-2-1913, Balaklava, S.A.
      • John Albert Powell, b. 9-9-1916, Balaklava, S.A.
    • Eliza Edith Powell, b. 16-5-1882, Dowlingville, S.A. Married Leslie Artin Hercules Short, 27-1-1909, Methodist Church, Dowlingville, S.A. Leslie, s/o William, b. 1880.
      5 Children Of Eliza Edith And Leslie Short
      • Eileen Ella Short, b. 4-7-1909, Moonta, S.A.
      • Leslie William Magus Short, b. 10-4-1911, Moonta, S.A.
      • Dulcie Agnes Short, b. 28-2-1914, Moonta, S.A.
      • Lawrence Harold Short, b. 5-10-1916, Moonta, S.A.
      • Mary Margaret Short, b. 24-8-1919, Maitland, S.A.
    • Walter Henry Powell, b. 29-3-1885, Dowlingville, S.A. Welder, 1943. Married Ida Emily Torode, 7-4-1915, St Columba, Hawthorn, Adelaide, S.A.Ida, d/o George, b. 1896.Ida employed in home duties, 1943 at No.119 Rose Terrace, Wayville West, Adelaide, S.A. (Walter listed as William Henry).
      2 Children Of Walter Henry And Ida Emily Powell:
      • Alan John Powell, b. 2-7-1918, Unley, Adelaide, S.A.
      • Barbara Joan Powell, b. 3-4-1923, Hyde Park, Adelaide, S.A.

    8. Emma Powell, b. 1838, d. after 1915. Emigrated to S.A., 1840, on the "Morley" with parents. Married John Martin, 13-4-1861, Parklands, Adelaide, S.A. Marriage at residence of W. Bowe. John, s/o John Sr, b. 1837. MARTIN-POWELL. On the 13th April, by licence, by the Rev. William Butters, Mr. John Martin, to Emma, youngest daughter of Mr. Frederick Powell, of Langhorne's Bridge." Adelaide Observer, Saturday 20 April 1861, page 5
    8 Children Of Emma And John Martin:

    • Elizabeth Eleanor Jane Martin, b. 1-9-1863, Langhorne Creek, S.A.
    • Frederick John Martin, b. 25-5-1866, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Jane Martin, b. 29-7-1868, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Clara Martin, b. 7-5-1870, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Willie Rowe Martin, b. 15-2-1872, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Lilian Maud Martin, b. 13-8-1873, Adelaide, S.A.
    • Albert Edward George Martin, b. 27-7-1875, Adelaide, S
    • Emma Martin, b. 20/5/1882, Adelaide, S.A.


      1. Edwin William Powell, b. 1-9-1856, Norwood, Adelaide, SA. d. 15-10-1885, Murray Bridge, SA (29 yo), married Elizabeth Elliott b. 6-1-1860, d-o Samuel 25-12-1882 at Residence of Alexander Law Summerfield.

      2. Harry Alfred Powell, b. 16-8-1858, Langhorne Creek, SA. d. 15-12-1872, Monarto, SA (14 yo).

      3. Frederick Thomas Powell, b. 18-10-1861, Langhorne Creek, SA. d. 25-12-1872, Monarto, SA (11 yo).

      4. George Edward Powell, b. 24-11-1864, Mosquito Creek, SA. d. 1-9-1940, OB Flat, Mount Gambier, South Australia (76 yo).

      5. Harriett Elizabeth Powell* here.

      6. Emma Jane Powell, b. 3-12-1870, Monarto, SA. d. 27-6-1952, Murray Bridge, SA (81 yo). Did not marry. Buried Murray Bridge Cemetery, SA.
      Emma Jane Powell had 1 child:

      • Murray Powell, b. 16-4-1890, Murray Bridge, SA. d. 11-12-1963, Kilburn, Adelaide, SA (73 yo). Poultry farmer, 1939, 1943. Married Adeline Jane Chandler, 31-8-1912, Methodist Church, Tailem Bend, SA. Adeline, d/o Joseph, b. 1890, & d. 11-6-1965, Kilburn, Adelaide, SA (75 yo). Home duties, 1939, 1943. Resided 1939, 1943, Jupiter Creek, Echunga, SA.
        7 Children Of Murray And Adeline Powell:
        • Melville Murray Powell, b. 25-7-1913, Murray Bridge, SA, d. 25-4-1975 & buried Nairne Cemetery, SA (61 yo), married Ivy Mary Gallas b 5-9-1919, d 25-2-2001 (81 yo) on 4-1941, parents of Ann, Ian, Keith, Shirley and David Powell.
        • Daphne Adel Powell, b. 23-6-1915, Tailem Bend, SA. married Thomas Keen Merrifield at Methodist Manse, Tailem Bend on 21-3-1933
        • Hazel Dorothy Powell, b. 15-8-1917, Murray Bridge, SA.
        • Leslie Ronald Powell, b. 12-12-1919, Murray Bridge, SA
        • Ethel May Powell, b. 27-9-1923, Tailem Bend, SA.
        • Audrey Joan Powell, b. 4-7-1925, Tailem Bend, SA.
        • Patricia Jean Powell, b. 22-5-1927, Tailem Bend, SA.

      7. Susan Ellen Powell, b. 16-6-1873, Monarto, SA, d. 16-5-1961, Edwardstown, Adelaide, SA (88 yo). Did not marry. Signatory of the Women's Suffrage Petition, 1894. Home duties, 1943. Resided 1943, No.46 Tusmore Avenue, Tusmore, Adelaide, SA.

      8. Infant Powell, b. 19-4-1876, Murray Bridge, SA, d. Murray Bridge, SA & buried Callington Cemetery, SA (stillborn).

      9. Albert Charles Powell, b. 7-4-1877, Murray Bridge, SA. d. 21-3-1900, Murray Bridge, SA. Buried West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, SA (23 yo). Did not marry.

The information on this page is taken almost entirely from David Powell's excellently researched pages on Powells in SA and on Frederick Powell and family, in particular, with thanks, with some backup from Genealogy SA databases, newspapers and relatives on ancestry.com.

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