The information on this page is taken almost entirely from David Powell's excellently researched pages on Powells in SA and on Frederick Powell and family, in particular, with thanks, with some backup from Genealogy SA databases, newspapers and relatives on ancestry.com.

Work continues on the page, and I am seeking relevant pictures and information on my particular lineage. (May 2022).

Frederick Powell b. 1794 Chichester, Sussex County, England, and Elizabeth Powell nee Barwood or Harding (both suggested on Ancestry.com) b. 1793 emigrated to SA on the ship "Morley" departing London 8-12-1839 and arriving Adelaide 16-4-1840, Frederick was 46 and Elizabeth 47 on their arrival.
They were accompanied by their 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls-ages on arrival in brackets:


1. George Powell (18)1822 to 23-4-1867 aged 45 yrs
2. Edward Henry Powell (16)1824 to 15-2-1893 aged 68 yrs
3. Jane Powell (13)1827 to 21-8-1872 aged 49 yrs
4. William Powell* (11)1829 to 28-8-1902 aged 74 yrs*
5. Mary Ann Powell?1831 to 6-4-1874 aged 43 yrs
6. Eliza Joanna Powell (9)1831 to 11-4-1898 aged 67 yrs
7. John Powell (7)1833 to 2-9-1925 aged 81 yrs
8. Emma Powell (2)1838 to after 1915

Details of other children.


    William Powell*, 4th child and 3rd son of Frederick and Elizabeth Powell, b. 1829, d. 28-8-1902, Murray Bridge, SA (74 yo), buried Murray Bridge Cemetery, SA, emigrated to SA in 1840, aged 11, on the "Morley" with parents and 7 siblings.
    William Powell married Sophia Soar, 8-11-1852, St John's, Adelaide, SA. Sophia Soar b. 1836, Derby, Derbyshire, England, was baptised at St Peters, Derby, England, d/o Thomas Soar and Harriet Walker. 1841 English census has Sophia 4, Emma 9, Harriet 30 and Thomas Soar 35, smith, living in Burrows Walk, Derby, England. Thomas, Harriet, Sophia, Emma (died at sea) and Ambrose Soar emigrated on the "Cheapside" arriving 10-10-1849 from London left 23-6-49 via Plymouth.
    "SOAR-On the 30th September at Langhorne's Creek, Harriet, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Soar, aged 58 years." South Australian Register, Monday 26 October 1863, page 7 Thomas Soar is listed as a farmer, Mosquito Creek and EH Powell in Langhorne's Ck in 1867, 1868 and 1869 all in the district of Bremer in the Adelaide Almanack; Wm Powell is listed in 1867 and 1868 but not in 1869. Sophia d. 10-11-1888, Murray Bridge, SA, & buried Murray Bridge Town Cemetery, SA (53 yo).


      1. Edwin William Powell 1-9-1856 to 15-10-1885 aged 29 yrs
      2. Harry Alfred Powell 16-8-1858 to 15-12-1872 aged 14 yrs
      3. Frederick Thomas Powell 8-10-1861 to 25-12-1872 aged 11 yrs
      4. George Edward Powell 24-11-1864 to 1-9-1940 aged 76 yrs
      5. Harriett Elizabeth Powell* 5-9-1867 to 4-1-1944 aged 77 yrs*
      6. Emma Jane Powell 3-12-1870 to 27-6-1952 aged 81 yrs
      7. Susan Ellen Powell 16-6-1873 to 16-5-1961 aged 88 yrs
      8. Infant Powell stillborn 19-4-1876
      9. Albert Charles Powell 7-4-1877 to 21-3-1900 aged 23 yrs

      Details of other children.


      Harriett Elizabeth Powell* b. 5-9-1867 in Mosquito Creek, SA, 5th child and first daughter of William Powell and Sophie Soar, d. 4-1-1944 in Murray Bridge, SA, buried Murray Bridge (Old) Cemetery married Alfred Mobbs s/o Owen Mobbs, b. 27-7-1863 in Dustholes in the district of Truro, SA, d. 29-7-1938 in Murray Bridge, SA, buried in Murray Bridge (Old) Cemetery, SA, on 4-7-1885 at residence of William Powell, Murray Bridge, SA. They had 10 children, 6 daughters and 4 sons. The first child, a son, died at 2 months and the second child, Susan Sophia died at only 19 years of age, of meningitis. Photo at right has Alfred Mobbs holding cat and Harriet is next to him. The family were all great horse people and many worked as drovers and butchers.


        1. Alfred William George Murray MOBBS15-8-1885 to 17-10-1885 (2mo)
        2. Susan Sophia MOBBS12-11-1886 to 29-1-1906 (19yo)
        3. Emily May MOBBS25-3-1888 to 16-12-1927 (39yo)
        4. Alfred William George MOBBS18-2-1890 to 1-6-1966 (70yo)
        5. Sarah Ethel Ruby MOBBS18-11-1892 to 1959 (67yo)
        6. Ilene Gwendoline MOBBS-3-1895 to 19-9-1979 (84yo)
        7. Isabella Winifred MOBBS21-11-1896 to 1-6-1966 (85yo)
        8. Alfred Thomas Edgar MOBBS11-4-1899 to 10-1974 (75yo)
        9. Edna Pretoria MOBBS8-4-1902 to 27-5-1983 (81yo)
        0. Leslie Claude MOBBS 1-11-1904 to 6-3-1961 (57yo)


      • 1. Alfred William George Murray Mobbs b. 15-8-1885 in Murray Bridge, SA. He died on 17-10-1885 in Murray Bridge, SA. (2mo)

      • 2. Susan Sophia Mobbs b. 12-11-1886 in Murray Bridge, SA, d. 29-1-1906 in Murray Bridge, SA (19 yo), buried Old Murray Bridge Cemetery next to sister, Emily May Kermode nee Mobbs.

      • 3. Emily May Mobbs* my grandmother, pictured right, b. 25-3-1888 in Murray Bridge, SA, d. 16-12-1927 (39 yo) in Memorial Hospital, Murray Bridge, SA. She was buried in Murray Bridge (Old) Cemetery, SA. (see below, with me, granddaughter, 1987.) Emily married Thomas Kermode son of Arthur Nathaniel Kermode and Jane Smith on 22-8-1908 in Methodist Manse, Morphett Street, Adelaide, SA. Thomas was b.on 29-3-1879 in Field Street, Adelaide, SA. He died 26-6-1948 (69 yo) at 9 Grenfell Street, Kent Town, SA. He was buried 26-6-1948 in Norton Summit Cemetery, SA. Emily (usually called May) died of cancer at only 39 years of age, and her children seem to have had no further contact with the Mobbs family, so we know almost nothing about them and have no photos.
        5 children of Emily May Mobbs and Thomas Kermode
        • Stephanie Naude Kermode (m.Leopold Harold Rowley) was born on 18 Jan 1910 in Loxton, South Australia. She died in 25-6-1984 aged 74 at RAH, Adelaide, South Australia.
        • Ormonde Bracton (aka Lut by family and Jim by in-laws) Kermode was born on 6 Aug 1911. He died aged 86 on 26 Sep 1998.
        • Corrinne Lisle Kermode was born on 9 Jan 1914. She died in WA on 16 Nov 1981 aged 67.
        • Diana Thalia Kermode was born on 21 Feb 1920. She died on 4 Jan 1997 at RAH aged 76.
        • Karman Lancaster Peel "Bill" Kermode was born on 4 Jun 1923 in South Australia. He died on 8 Feb 1943 aged 19 at sea off Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, when a merchant marine BHP cadet aboard ship, 'SS Iron Knight.' It was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, sinking at once.

      • 4. Alfred William George (Jock) Mobbs b. 18-2-1890 in Murray Bridge, SA, d. 1-6-1966 (70 yo) in Marleston, SA. He was buried on 3 Jun 1966 in Murray Bridge (Old) Cemetery, SA. Alfred married Elsie Olive Forster d/o John George Forster and Anna Moore on 6-4-1914 in Methodist Church, Murray Bridge, SA. Elsie was b. on 11-9-1890 in Lochaber, SA, d. 25-9-1939 (48 yo) in Northfield, SA. She was buried on 26-9-1939 in Murray Bridge (Old) Cemetery, SA.
        9 Children of Alfred William George (Jock) Mobbs and Elsie Olive Forster
        • Mavis Doreen Mobbs b.15-5-1915 Murray Bridge
        • Olive Lorraine Mobbs b. 5-6-1916 Murray Bridge
        • Phyllis May Mobbs b. 1-7-1917 Murray Bridge m. John McBain?
        • Delmar (Jock) Mobbs b. 30-8-1918 Murray Bridge d. 9-4-1990 aged 71 years, husband of Ella Joan, father of Dianne, Susan, Stephen and Fiona
        • Doris Edna Mobbs b. 21-9-1920 Murray Bridge
        • Jean Mobbs b. 22-12-1923 Murray Bridge, d. 19-1-2015 m. John Muir
        • Gwendoline Joy Mobbs b. 9-7-1925 Murray Bridge d. 16-8-2017 aged 92 m. Bleeze
        • Maxwell William (Jock) Mobbs b. 16-7-1927 Murray Bridge d. 27-11-2004 aged 77
        • Elaine Mobbs b. 1930

      • 5. Sarah Ethel Ruby Mobbs, Ruby, pictured right with daughters Kathleen (L) and Nancy (R), b. 18-11-1892 in Murray Bridge, SA, d. 1959. (66yo) Ruby married Charles Stanley (Stan) Harris on 10-5-1919 in St John's Anglican Church, Murray Bridge, SA. Charles was b. 7-2-1891.
        3 Children of Ruby Mobbs and Stan Harris
        • Kathleen Harris b. 6-10-1919 Murray Bridge, m. 1.Donald Bland, who died during WW2, 2 sons, m. 2.Reginald O'Connell, 1 daughter:
          • Leith Bland (O'Connell) m. Elizabeth Lock, 4 children:
            • Heath O'Connell
            • Sarah O'connell
            • Rebecca O'Connell
            • Josh O'Connell
          • Jay Bland (O'Connell) m. Janet
          • Lindy O'Connell b. 1954
        • John Clifford (Jack) Harris m. Joyce Schomberg d.2022 1 daughter:
            Jennifer Harris b. 1950 m. Gary Ellis, 2 children:
            • Brett Ellis
            • Belinda Ellis
        • Nancy Margaret Harris b. 27-1-1924 Murray Bridge, d. 26-5-2016 Adelaide, 92yo; m. John Rylander Newton b. 27-9-1923 Alberton d. 29-3-2007
          2 Children of Nancy Harris and John Newton
          • Louise Newton b. 1951 m.1. Bruce Yates in 1970 div. 2 children. m. 2. John Firrell in 1986, 1 child:
            • Zoe Yates b. 1982 and Daniel Bell, 2 children:
              • Matilda Bell b. 2009
              • Oscar Bell b. 2012
            • Angus Yates b. 1984 m. Kasey Hicks in 2011, 1 daughter:
              • Elizabeth Yates b. 2013
            • Huw Firrell b. 1990
          • Dallas Newton b. 1958

      • 6. Ilene Gwendoline (Gwen) Mobbs, known by the family as "Sis' b. 23-3-1895 d.19-9-1979 (84yo) in Murray Bridge,SA. Ilene married Fergus (Fergy) John Roy Dougall on 2-4-1921 in Methodist Church, Murray Bridge, SA. Fergus was b. on 21-2-1894 in Tarlee, SA, d.15-11-1956, both buried Murray Bridge Cemetery, Adelaide Road. They had no children, but Gwen trained horses and was a great horsewoman throughout her life. She continued training after her husband died. They won a Great eastern Steeplechase at Oakbank in the 1940s. They had a fabulous rocking horse on their verandah and Gwen drove a Buick car which she bought with the proceeds of a win.

      • 7. Isabella Winifred (Bel) Mobbs at right, b. 21-11-1896 in Murray Bridge, SA d. 20-10-1982. Isabella married Robert Angus Jamieson b. 30-6-1896 Glenelg, d. 17-12-1973 Adelaide, on 14-6-1919 in Methodist Church, Murray Bridge, SA. Both interred at Cheltenham Cemetery Rose Garden, lived Queenstown 1954.
        2 Children of Bel Mobbs and Robert Jamieson
        • Peter Alfred Jamieson b. 20-5-1921 Port Adelaide, d. 16-6-1991 Adelaide
        • Robert Angus Jamieson b. 10-9-1922 Alberton

      • 8. Alfred Thomas Edgar (commonly known as Ack) Mobbs b. 11-4-1899 in Burdett, SA, d.c.3-10-1974, married Rose May Lucas 12-4-1926 b. 1897 d. 15-6-1965, at St. George's Church Alberton. He was buried 75 yo in Murray Bridge Cemetery as was Rose May Mobbs 68 yo.
        2 Children of A.T.E. Mobbs and Rose May Lucas
        • Bruce Mobbs b. 30-7-1927 d. 13-11-1988 age 61 yo
        • Barbara Mobbs b. 14-3-1931 d. 26-11-2018 married Eric Smelt b. 14-11-1932 d, 15-1-1995, at Methodist Church Murray Bridge on 19-3-1955
          2 children of Barbara Mobbs and Eric Smelt
          • Christopher Smelt
          • Elizabeth Smelt

      • 9. Edna Pretoria Mobbs b. 28-4-1902, born the day the Boer war ended, in Murray Bridge d. 18-12-1982, SA. Married Gideon Maurice Penny b. 15-10-1893 d. 18-12-1982, at Methodist Church, Murray Bridge on 29-3-1923 buried Victor Harbour, SA.
        6 children of Edna Mobbs and Maurice Penny
        • Kathleen Edna Penny b. 27-4-1924, d. 27-4-1924
        • Milton Penny b.2-7-1925 d.26-4-2008 m. Helen Connelly on 3-4-1948 at St Anthony's Church, Port Pirie, SA, 3 children, lived Pt Pirie.
        • Margaret Penny b.31-5-1927 Murray Bridge d. 16-12-2016 m. John Milte b. 27-1-1926 d. 24-1-2020 at Karoonda, on 24-12-1948 at St. Paul's Church, Mt Gambier, SA.
          6 Children of Margaret Penny and John Milte
          • Anne-Marie (Nikky) Milte b. 15-12-1949
          • Frances Milte b. 14-1-1951
          • Steven John Milte b. 29-1-1953 d. 2-2-1957
          • Peter Milte b. 3-9-1955
          • Helen Margaret Milte b. 3-2-1958
          • Catherine Milte b. 26-1-1963
        • Neville Gideon (Danny) Penny b. 1931 d. 4-9-2008 m. Esme Konzag, 3 children, divorced
        • Robert Banks Penny b. 16-11-1939 d. 11-9-1979 in Quld aged 39, married Maragaret Nott in Victor Harbor, 3 children, divorced.
        • Joan Penny b. 2-9-1933 d. 5-7-2018 m. David Wurm at St. Michael's Church, Mitcham on 18-1-1957 (2 grandchildren Mathilde and Ingo Courier Mail 14-7-2018 Obituaries)
          3 children of Joan Penny and David Wurm:
          • Penny Wurm
          • Ben Wurm
          • Henry Wurm
        From Victor Harbour Times , 17-3-1976:"Mr. Gideon Maurice Penny who died at Victor Harbour on March 5, was born at Serviceton, Vic., in 1893. He was a locomotive fireman with the S.A. Railways at Murray Bridge and enlisted in the A.I.F. in 1915 and served overseas with the 105th Howitzer Battery. He remained in England following the Armistice to compete in rowing events which included the first ever King's Cup which was won by the A.I.F. No 1 crew. The Cup was brought back to Australia and since then has been competed for by State crews. Mr. Penny continued rowing for the champion Muray Bridge crew which won the King's Cup and many State champion-ships from 1920 to 1926. He took up bowls late in life and had great success which culminated in winning the Southernb Division champion of champions in 1968-69 at the age of 76. In 1923 he married Miss Edna Mobbs in the Murray Bridge Methodist Church. Mr. Penny is survived by his widow and three sons and two daughters."

      • 10. Leslie Claude (Dido) Mobbs b. 1-11-1904 in Murray Bridge, SA, d. 6-3-1961 in Adelaide, SA. Married Stella Eileen Mary Sly d/o James Sly, b.16-7-1908 Broken Hill, d. 30-11-1976 Murray Bridge, on 19-7-1928 at residence of Archbishop, Adelaide. He was buried in Murray Bridge (Old) Cemetery, SA. Lived Murray Bridge, Alberton.
        3 children of Leslie Mobbs and Stella Sly
        • Maureen Mobbs b. 17-2-1929 d. 1982, Kew, Victoria m. Terence Barker b. 1924 d. 1979 Heidelberg, Victoria
        • Colleen Patricia Mobbs 8-8-1931 d. 15-7-2001 m. Rowland Way b. 4-12-1925 Aldinga, d. 17-8-1995
        • Barry Mobbs b. 25-10-1936, Murray Bridge

      "More than 50 years a resident of Murray Bridge was the record of Mr. Alfred Mobbs, 75, who died on July 29, 1938. He was well known throughout the town and district, and in railway circles especially had hundreds of friends and acquaintances. He was born at Truro and spent his boyhood in that locality. He was married in 1885 to Miss Harriett Powell, member of a Monarto family, several years after his arrival at Murray Bridge. For a period he was employed on Glen Lossie station, but he joined the railways subsequently, and was connected with that department for 38 years. Interested in town movements and sporting activities, he was a follower of horse racing, and a good judge of horse-flesh. He joined the Druids' Lodge 46 years ago. The late Mr. Mobbs is survived by a widow, three sons and four daughters, Messrs. W. E, and L. Mobbs (Murray Bridge), Mesdames S. Harris (Tailem Bend), F. Dougall (Murray Bridge), R. Jamieson (Adelaide), and M. Kenny (Sedan). There are 29 grandchildren." The Advertiser , Monday August 15th, 1938 The picture at right shows the grave of Alfred and Harriet taken from Find a Grave, added by Karbarm

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